Hi there

I don’t know what you’re usually doing at around 9:30 pm on a weeknight, but typically I’ve already sunken into our couch with a glass of wine and the remote with Michael beside me.  Off-the-charts exciting, I know.  Did you watch the premier of The Leftovers?  I thought it was interesting.  Michael is frustrated because of all the unanswered questions floating around.  Isn’t that the point of watching a new show?

Tonight?  Luke is half-naked in his room singing that Sara Bareilles song Brave as he puts together a Lego.  Really, really loudly.  If we close his door he freaks out.  Michael is lecturing me on how I’m negatively impacting our kids’ musical tastes by letting them listen to pop.  Truthfully, I couldn’t give a rat’s derrière if they listen to french rap as long as they’re quiet in the car.  Not that that ever happens anyway.

So loud.  All the time.

Madeleine and I are arguing over which ball gown she can wear to bed.  This new phase of hers eschews what you and I would consider pajamas.  Formal function/princess attire only, please.


She’s been wearing this one purple gown (pictured above) for a few weeks now.  The tulle in the back has several holes in it but that doesn’t bother her at all.  She wore it to Target today.  It was in the 80s and humid.

“Aren’t you hot in that dress?” I asked as I buckled her into the carseat.

Casually, she replied,   “Nope.  I’m fine, Mommy.”

Just the idea of the dress touching the shopping cart and sweeping against the inside of the bathroom stall gives me the willies.  Are we on the same page with that?  And she’s pissed as hell that I’ve categorized that particular dress as “bedtime inappropriate”, gritting her teeth and growling at times.

I assumed both kids would’ve passed out cold nice n’early after the afternoon spent at the pool.  The pool where I watch in silent horror as toddlers splash around with drooping, poorly fitting diapers with God-knows-what inside them and where endless rivers of snot run from their noses right into the very water they’re all swimming around in.

After all that sunshine and chlorine they should definitely be snoozing away.  But no.  It’s a miracle I’m even sitting here typing away without being interrupted.

Oh!  And changing the subject…I won the Nature Box contest over at Design Mom and we’ve now received our first shipment of snacks!  They’re terrific.  The kids and I love all the different snacks we chose.  You can also opt for being surprised.  I didn’t show Michael because he eats everything and then we’d have no more snacks.

My level of excitement over winning this contest is disproportionate to the prize.  Just think what would happen if I were to win something grandiose like the lottery or a Paris getaway.  I can’t even imagine.

Phew.  Now I’m tired.  Long day.

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4 thoughts on “Hi there

  1. Why don’t you come to Spain? We’re looking for housesitters for July 11-ish to the 26-ish. Four-bedroom place with sea views and swimming pool 45 minutes outside of Barcelona.

    • What an enticing offer! I’ve never been to Spain. I’ll discuss it with my husband tonight and I’ll be sure to get back to you tonight or tomorrow morning.

    • Here’s the verdict. As much as we’d love to hop over to Spain and soak up some culture in your neck of the woods, I’m afraid we won’t be able to. We have 2 trips planned for this summer and I think the airfare alone for a 3rd trip would break the bank. And why oh why did I let our passports expire? If, in the future, you find yourself in need of a neat, responsible, non-nosey house sitter please let me know. I might just take you up on it. Enjoy your trip to…Maine is it?

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