Happy Friday

I went down the Etsy rabbit hole.  There is just so much stuff on there!  Stuff I didn’t even know I wanted.  Like a butter keeper.  The kind you leave on the counter so that you have room temperature butter on a whim.  You could unexpectedly be craving buttered toast at 3pm and then what would you do?  Drop a pat of hard, cold butter onto it?  Not anymore.  Enter…the butter keeper.

What got me browsing on Etsy was that my sister, Ashley, is getting married.  Yes!  Exciting news.  So I’m in bridal-shower-gift mode even though the wedding is a year away.  Ashley likes to fill her home with interesting, unlikely things and she mentioned that she also likes Jadite.  During a Jadite search I got lost in a vortex of vessels of all kinds.

(Here are the links…Jadite BowlOmbre Nesting BowlsCobalt Ice MugUtensil HolderOwl Utensil HolderCake Stand.  And the bunny hat on the baby in the featured pic can be found here.)

I hope you enjoy the beautiful weather we’re supposed to have this weekend if you live in the NY area.  We’ll be heading to a local carnival with the kids and having dinner with friends.  Back next week with New England Escape: Part 2 and a recipe close to my heart.

Here are a few things I thought you’d like…

  • I’m embarrassed to admit I never considered how important beavers are to the environment!  A long article but worth reading.
  • If I wore this dress I wouldn’t be able to stop feeling myself up.
  • Fun fact!  But I still like to think I’m hearing the ocean.
  • I laughed as soon as I read the title of this.
  • Clearly, these 2 are made for each other.
  • In case you haven’t already seen this.




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One thought on “Happy Friday

  1. Love the Owl Utensil holder! So cute…Happy weekend!

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