Isn’t this soup?

The other day I was unreasonably set on making butternut squash soup.  I have no idea why, other than that I like it.  What’s not to like, really?  It’s sweet, it’s hearty and invites many kinds of toppings – shredded coconut, croutons, sour cream, roasted hazelnuts.

It’s kid-friendly, too.  For your kids, I mean.  Luke wouldn’t even touch it, let alone bring it to his lips.  

Madeleine came over and frowned,   “I wanted soup.”

“This is soup.”

“I mean I want it to have more soup in it.”

“This is soup.”

“The other soup.”

As much as I enjoy a good Who’s on First? routine, I used my deft skills of interpretation.  Apparently, to a kid, soup can only be defined as broth with things floating in it.  Note to self.

This recipe couldn’t be easier (thanks, Martha) and it’s fast.  I tweaked it by adding a couple pinches of dried thyme and 1T minced fresh ginger to the squash as it cooks, which gave it a mellow spiciness.  And I made life much easier by using frozen squash.  Try adding Maple Roasted Chick Peas on top.  Enjoy!





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2 thoughts on “Isn’t this soup?

  1. A bit early in the season, perhaps, but I LOVE a good squash soup, almost as much as I love an amazing garlic soup. Mmmmm….garlic soup. Now I’ve said it, I’ve got to make it. Best thing is, the kids love it! Lovely photo by the way. Speaking of photos… I’m having a photo contest and haven’t gotten a lot of entries, and squat for quality ones. Please, please send me some shots from your summer. Pretty please?

    • Ha! I borrowed that soup photo from Martha Stewart. I don’t make money off my blog so that’s not too horrible, right? I’ll scour my summer photos and see if one or two make the cut. Most of them are just my kids making obnoxious faces at the camera. Hopefully my kids have kids of their own who do the same to them one day in the far away future.

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