Love me tomorrow?

The other night my husband went out with the guys.  Yeee-haaa!  Solo time for me!  I cleaned up dinner and got the kids ready for bed at warp speed to ensure I’d have a couple of hours to do whatever I wanted.  Alone.  One of the most lovely of all 2 syllable words, if you ask me.

Slightly touched by guilt that I didn’t sit down to write to all you fine people, I watched the film, Stuck in Love, starring Greg Kinnear (Bill) and Jennifer Connelly (Erica).  The story goes like this…they were married for years and then divorced because she falls for someone else, but he still holds a torch for her and believes that eventually she’ll come back to him.

SPOILER ALERT…seriously, stop reading if you want to see the film and be surprised.

Ok, I guess you’ve seen the movie already.


The couple’s daughter, Kate, harbors much anger and resentment toward her mother for hurting the family.  Bill eventually confesses to Kate that she should forgive her mother because he had left once when Kate was an infant.  When he did return to Erica, months later, she took him back.  A grateful Bill then promised Erica that he’d wait for her to come back if she ever left him for another man sometime in the future.

Of course I couldn’t wait to throw one of my famous, unanswerable scenarios at Michael (which he always says are pointless) when he got home.

“What would you do?” I asked.   “Would you take me back if I ran off with someone else?”

“I don’t know,” Michael said, barely looking up from his iPad.   “Would you?”

“I hope I’d be able to forgive you, but I don’t really know.  Would you expect me to take you back?”


I was hoping for more banter but that’s all I got out of him.  So, let me ask you…

Would you take back your partner if they left you for someone else and then returned months, or even years, later?

Here’s hoping that all of you who are happily in love stay that way.  No complications.  No extraneous drama.  Just, you know, bunnies hopping all around, butterflies fluttering over your head, and songs like this one stuck in your mind.  Stuff like that.



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