Happy Friday

First of all, what’s going on here?  Is it winter?  I had to take my winter coat – the heavy one with the faux fur trim around the hood – out of the closet and actually put my body in it.  Where the heck are my gloves?  Ugh.  Not to sound like an octogenarian retiree (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but Jeeze Louise it’s cold out today and I’m not into it.

Michael’s birthday is this weekend and when I asked him what he’d like to do he said, “Pack.”  Since, you know, we’re still packing up our house because we’re closing in about 2 weeks (gulp).   I know you know.  We’ve talked about this.

In addition, we’re actively hunting for a house. Tomorrow we have an appointment to look at a house with a pool.  Pool party, anyone?  Hold on, though.  You can erase from your mind the image of a glittering oasis, fringed by colorful landscaping and chaise lounges.  This is more of a house that time forgot, and I’d assume the pool was forgotten along with it.  I’m just hoping there’s not, like, a homicidal octopus living in it or something.

On a happy/sad note, I have an amazing friend.  She and her young family have just suffered a fire in their home and they’ll be displaced for the next 6 months.  Feeling as though a giant hug wasn’t quite enough, I put the wheels in motion to collect donations.  (Although, don’t pat me on the back.  It would appear that my strengths don’t lie in efficient fundraising.)

Do you know what she said when she caught wind of what I was doing?

“We have so much.  We’re set.  I wouldn’t feel right having people give us anything.”

I wasn’t surprised though.  In fact, I didn’t tell her about it earlier because I knew she’d say something just like that.  What she’s taken away emotionally from the fire is that they’re loved by many and there’s plenty of help to get them through this.  But also an awareness that they have so much stuff.  Too much.  “No one should have this much stuff,” she said.   Some people have nothing.”

See why I’m friends with her?  Then we bickered back and forth over who should help whom.  “I’ll help you pack!” she said.   “Um, no,” I said.   “I’ll help you move into your apartment.”

Have a wonderful weekend.  Who knows…maybe this summer I’ll be able to write posts poolside, wearing my (enormous) straw hat and sipping margaritas.  A girl can dream….


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